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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 18:15

The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation Sleep Deprivation EnRoute Pics

Do you know anyone who sleeps three to four hours only, and yet wears it like a badge of honor? I do. Sadly, not everyone realizes that the day actually starts when you go to bed, and not when you wake up; and the better and longer you sleep at night, the more productive your day will be.

"The concert though slated for 7pm, began at midnight because at 8pm some of the performing artistes were still having their soundcheck. All the bands had to perform regardless of the late start, so instead of its being a 7pm to 11pm event, it ran from midnight (12am) to 4am the next day. Afterwards i hung out with a few friends from other bands, then eventually went to our room at the hotel. Of course i could'nt sleep immediately, we talked about the just concluded concert for a while, then eventually some of us began to drift off to sleep one by one. I think i slept for about 1hr 30mins then i had to gather my things and rush off, while the rest of my crew snored on blissfully. I had a morning rehearsal with another band i work with." - Christy


"I ran into a couple of long lost school mates after work while waiting for the traffic to clear. I decided to hang with them instead of waiting alone. The drinks kept coming, the stories kept rolling, and the hours slipped by gently. Eventually i went back to their hotel room where the reunion continued into the wee hours of the morning. I made do with a few hours of fragmented sleep, freshened up and bought  a new shirt on my way back to the office. Then i remembered the heap of responsibilities waiting on my desk." - Frank

One or two nights of poor or inadequate sleep will not do much damage, but when it becomes a way of life and you deprive yourself of sleep night after night for weeks unend; it could lead to serious health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, among others. 


Effects Of #SleepDeprivation

Not Sleeping Enough Causes Accidents

"He  told me he is an events photographer. He was driving home late at night and must have dozed off behind the wheel. He could not explain it. All he remembered was he had done several days and nights of back-breaking work. He could not spend the night at the venue because he had to get home to his family, so he hit the road alone in his glittering Toyota Sienna. His eyes became heavy and all he did was shut them for one moment. Next thing he remembered was being pulled out of the wreckage." - Good Samaritan

Not all accidents are caused by drunken or reckless driving. Inadequate sleep has been responsible for its own fair share. Drivers who are sleep deprived are as bad (if not worse) as intoxicated drivers. No matter the motivation, it is dangerous to trade sleep for anything else. When we deny ourselves sleep, sometimes the body takes over (without asking for permission) and forces us rest it for a short while. Most of the time its at inconvenient times.

#SleepDeprivaton Weakens The Immune System

The reason why you feel sickly everytime you do a long stretch of stressful activity, is the lack of sleep and rest. Our #ImmuneSystem works and fortifies the body when we are asleep. When we don't sleep, our body is open to assault from anything, even a common cold.

For as long as you are working hard and sleeping less, your frequent trips to the doctor will continue because your body will find it hard to fend off infections. according to Denise Mann in Can Better Sleep mean Catching Fewer Colds? Sleep deprivation supresses immune system function. The immune system is designed to protect us, when we don't sleep it doesnt function properly and this means we fall sick.

Poor Judgement and Decision Making

We often hear 'sleep on it', when a serious decision needs to be taken. From personal experiences i know for a fact that after a good sleep, one's mind is sharper, more efficient and focused. You make better choices and analyse things more carefuly, because sleep and adequate rest rejuvenates the whole human sysem. 

'Sleeping on it' is not a guarantee that you will make the right choice, arrive at the desired solution or solve the problem. What it does, is ensure that you're in the right frame of mind and body to take the steps that need to be taken, or make the decisions that need to be made. When you need to handle a complex task, you are required to posess relevant facts. You can only function well if you are physically and mentally fit. When we are sleep deprived, our exhausted brains cling to easy answers and solutions.

Lack of Sleep Makes Us Stupid

If you're falling asleep at the drop of a hat and all over the place, its your body telling you to get some serious rest. It may seem funny when you fall asleep on the bus and miss your stop, or you drift off in the middle of a conversation. I don't think there will be much hilarity when you sleep off behind a steering wheel, in the middle of a board meeting, while sitting on a fence or when operating machinery.

The National Sleep Foundation and other experts, say the adult human body requires about 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily, the exact figure differs as a result of research by different people. When you sleep 3 or 4 hours daily, you create a sleep debt. What do you think would happen after a whole month of inadequate sleep? As your sleep debt increases your ability to concentrate decreases.


Tips To Sleep Better

You Need A Schedule

There is a lot of truth in "early to bed, early to rise". How early you sleep determines how early you wake, which also determines how much work you can get done. Sticking to regular bedtimes every night will adjust your body to a schedule. If you stick to it long enough, your body will get to know when its time to relax, and your mind will know when its time to turn off.

According to the National Sleep Foundation,the Circadian rhythm is a 24hr internal clock in all of us that helps us fall asleep at night, and wake up the following morning. When we keep changing our sleeping times, we confuse our body's biological clock.

If you habitually sleep at about midnight and wake up after 3 or 4 hours sleep, you are not getting enough sleep. To correct things you either go to bed early in order to sleep longer, or you balance it up by sleeping during the day. This needs to be done regularly. Keeping a regular sleep schedule will eliminate the use of sleep inducing medication from your life.

Put Away Elecrtonics

Having mobile phones, tablets, laptops and video games in bed, and a television in the bed room, will definitely make it harder to fall asleep. The 'glow' or blue light from electronic devices, leaving your day lights on at night, will keep your brain alert and your mind engaged, thus preventing sleep. 

Keeping phones within reach when we sleep is not a good idea. Messages entering will prevent us from sleeping deeply and late night callers will interupt our rest. Personally i find it hard to go back to sleep once rudely awakened.

If you don't like to put off your phones at night, put them on silent and leave them in another room. The messages will still be there in the morning, and you can also attend to all the missed calls. After the night's rest, you'd be in a better frame of mind to tackle most of the issues concerned. I use the word 'most' because there will definitely be some time-sensitive issues that may not wait  until morning but hey, your sleep or rest, and by extension your health, is important too.

Ignore Caffeine And Booze

Taking coffee is not bad and neither are caffeinated beverages. When consumed at the right time they provide enegy. So what's the problem? The effect of caffeine takes 6 to 8 hours to wear off so if you take it too close to bed time, you will find yourself gazing at the ceiling for a long time (which is why students take it to keep sleep at bay during exams). Best time of the day to take coffee and caffeinated drinks is in the morning when we need the boost of energy they provide. Any time from 2pm is a 'No'.

If you need to drink a cup of something to calm you before sleep, caffeine is not the way to go, and neither is alcohol. Though alcohol will make you fall asleep fast, it has its draw backs. You will only get to enjoy your sleep for the first half of the night.

The effects of alcohol would have worn off by the second half of the night, leaving you wide awake until morning. If it hasnt worn off completely, your sleep will be restless and disturbed, you will wake up feeling weak and tired. There is a third option..., if you had consumed the alcohol to the point of drunkeness, you will sleep through the night dead to the world, then wake up with a massive hangover.

Take A Bath

Taking a bath before bed can help induce sleep. A drop in your body temperature will slow down your heart rate and breathing. When your metabolic functions (heart rate and breathing) slow down, you will feel drowsy and desire sleep. A night shower can help you sleep better because it is very efficient in lowering body temperature.




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