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Showcase At Freedom Park

Wale_Aboderin_and_Band_EnRoute--ct Wale_Aboderin_and_Band_EnRoute--ct

When i arrived at the venue, the humble attire of the presenter took me by suprise. The way he looked didnt fit into my mould of how he should have dressed to such an event (i am not a lagosian). However, when he opened his mouth all my misgivings fluttered away. His command and understanding of the crowd was immaculate and precise and i personally think half the credit of the event's success rests on mr Bola Browne.

He called up the band whose first round of performance took me by surprise because i was not expecting the fluid blend of Nigerian music flavours that the crowd seemed relaxed about.


The first guest act to come up was John Networq and his act was unique. he came on stage with a jacket on, with neither a shirt nor a vest underneath and i could see his dog tags all the way from the last table. When he was done with his personal performance, D.J. Kaki P joined him on stage. Their second performance together was much better.

DJ Kaki P and Band EnRoute1

John Networq and Band EnRoute1
Two hours into the groove they introduced a guest performer Mr Wale Aboderin, whose blend of foreign tunes got the foreigners at the venue jumping to their feet and singing along to tunes like Eidelweiss (Sound of Music), Always and Forever (Heatwave), Sitting On The Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding) and a couple of other songs. From where I sat there was this table of mostly whites, they were transfixed when he started singing and for some seconds, spoon and forks were held in mid-air. They were neither guided to the mouths nor returned to the plates, on each person's face was a look of nostalgia.

Wale Aboderin and Band EnRoute1

The band came up again (they had changed their costume) and the leader was dressed slightly differently yet again. Their second performance was spectacular to say the least, their switches from fast to slow music (yes, i said 'fast to slow'), from foreign to local genres and back, and their creative links were really... Tantalizing. At this stage the crowd couldn’t sit still anymore. Foreigners were dancing salsa to Naija tunes, abandoning their seats to go take snap shots and record clips of the band's performance with their mobile phones, tabs and iPad. Not to be left out was the beautiful performance of the dancers. They just never seem to get tired. With their out-of-this-world moves, it was as if instead of breathing, they danced to stay alive.

Adding more flavour to the event was the presence of the dolphins female basketball team of Lagos, Nigeria. Wherever they go there is never a dull moment. When they couldn’t resist the music any longer, they took to the stage and then things metamorphosed to another level.

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