Tuesday, 30 May 2017 18:15

The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation

Do you know anyone who sleeps three to four hours only, and yet wears it like a badge of honor? I do. Sadly, not everyone realizes that the day actually starts when you go to bed, and not when you wake up; and the better and longer you sleep at night, the more productive your day will be.

"The concert though slated for 7pm, began at midnight because at 8pm some of the performing artistes were still having their soundcheck. All the bands had to perform regardless of the late start, so instead of its being a 7pm to 11pm event, it ran from midnight (12am) to 4am the next day. Afterwards i hung out with a few friends from other bands, then eventually went to our room at the hotel. Of course i could'nt sleep immediately, we talked about the just concluded concert for a while, then eventually some of us began to drift off to sleep one by one. I think i slept for about 1hr 30mins then i had to gather my things and rush off, while the rest of my crew snored on blissfully. I had a morning rehearsal with another band i work with." - Christy

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