Friday, 04 May 2018 18:36

The Avengers Infinity War

The first thing I didn’t like about it was the title. The previous one was titled ‘Civil War’ so unless they intend to add ‘War’ to all their titles, I didn’t and still don’t see the point. I would have been happy with ‘Infinity Stones’ or anything else.


The next thing I didn’t like was the action starting at the very beginning of the movie. This brings to an end my dislikes about the movie.

The movie is wonderful and I love it. At first I didn’t like the fact that there was no warm-up into the action-packed movie, but after the first 15 minutes when I had understood the complexity that was before me, I forgave the culprits and grabbed unto my seat in worry and anticipation. I will not simply order you to go watch it, I will say this instead…

You know how it is when the movie you are seeing ends (in a cinema) and then you hear the outro music and watch the credits roll by (by this time the hall is half empty). Well, I went to see a movie with Ibrahim Yakubu another Marvel Comics crazy, it was either the first Avengers movie or one of the earlier Thor movies. As the credits were rolling up on the screen I got up to leave and Ibrahim pulled me down and said ‘not yet’, so I sat back down. When the music stopped and the last name had rolled up, to my dismay the movie hadn’t ended yet.

What I saw on the screen was two creatures arguing (not exactly an argument because one of them was respectful and scared while the other was clearly enraged at a failure of some sort). I do not exactly remember what I saw on that screen for those few seconds, what I do remember clearly to this day, is Ibrahim’s voice when he said ‘My God! It’s Thanos!’

I remembered Ibrahim’s words again as I sat in that cold seat at the end of the movie, contemplating the carnage that Thanos had unleashed and why.

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