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Adieu Chairman

Did you ever meet someone who understood life? I mean really understood life so you never had to explain anything too much - you just had to say it, to tell it, whatever it was, it doesnt matter how awkward, or stupid, or ugly, or painful, or even evil, if you just told it, the person would immediately get why you were thinking what you were thinking and feeling what you were feeling? Would get it, and profer a solution if it was required. Did you ever meet someone like that? I did, he died a few days ago.

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I once heard someone say 'people seem to die a lot these days', that is not exactly true. According to Hebrew For Christians 150,000 people die everyday. It is only when we lose someone close, that we are jolted back to the reality of death, dying and porposeful living.


Wale AboderinBand EnRoute

On the 30th of May 2018, the Chairman of Punch newspapers Nig. Ltd Mr Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin, passed-on after a heart surgery developed complications. He lived to be 60 years and 43 days old. He was a man who loved life, a philantropist and a father figure to a multitude; he had a passion for improving the lives of the people around him, investing in the future of those within his reach, and he rarely said 'No' to anyone if he had the means to help at the time of your need.

Wale AboderinBandEnRoute

A long list of female basketball players in the country have passed through his team The Dolphins Female basketball Team, and a countless number of musicians in lagos have at one time or the other, either worked in, worked for, or had a daliance with 'Rapture' his music band. 'Rapture' has over time birthed Band EnRoute, The Executives, Q Band, Awesome Band, Kick Rythmn and Elixy.

Adieu Chairman

The deceased performed at Band EnRoute Showcase 1st Edition on the 6th of October 2017 and the 2nd Edition on the 16th of March 2018. He was to have performed at the Band EnRoute Pre-World Cup Concert on the 1st of June 2018. All three events took place at the Freedom Park, Lagos. The Chairman (as he is called by all), will be laid to rest on Friday the 15th of June 2018.

Learning From The Master

Adieu Chairman, you are sorely missed.



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